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Gene Technology Authors Name Institution Affiliation Gene Technology Gene Technology is a general term given to several scientific research efforts concerned with the understanding expression of genes, taking advantage of genetic variations, modification of genes and transfer of genes from one host to another. Genetic engineering made an immense contribution to the progress of gene technology. Genetic engineering entails altering an organism’s genetic code by adding a gene or genes from another living organism. Among the great developments achieved through genetic engineering includes genetic modification of Bacteria to produce essential human proteins including human insulin and human growth hormone. Bacteria regenerates making it advantageous to use over other microorganisms because they produce a large quantity of these essential proteins. For the creation of useful medicine like insulin, it is important that one understands the steps taken in genetic engineering to achieve such a milestone in humanity. Another aspect of gene technology is DNA fingerprinting. The DNA in each and every person is unique to them. DNA fingerprinting involves using one’s DNA to produce DNA fingerprints for identification. DNA bands are like bar codes, fingerprinting has been utilized for a long time for fighting of crimes. All cells have the same genetic code, and this explains why genes from a single organism can be used in several other organisms increasing the chances of successful genetic engineering. Enzymes are essential in cutting and joining of DNA. Restriction enzymes leave sticky ends by splitting open DNA strands at specific joints. On the other hand, ligase enzymes

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