Biological Attack

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Biological Attack Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Abstract A biological attack is whereby one intentionally uses some toxins and micro-organisms to spread a particular infection and death in human beings, crops, and livestock (Croddy, Armendariz & Hart, 2002). The use of biological weapons during wars and in terror attacks is mainly attributed the low cost of production that the users incur. The biological weapons are usually disseminated through contamination of food and water, explosives, and aerosol sprays. Since they cannot be noticed easily, they can strike suddenly without giving any warnings and inflict extensive morbidity and mortality, which can continue for long durations. The attacks may cause contamination of the environment and exert a lot of pressures on the emergency health services. Current concerns that entail the use of biological weapons results from the increased number of countries that have been engaging in proliferation of these types of weapons and their acquisition by different terrorist groups (Croddy, Armendariz & Hart, 2002). There is an increased need to develop biodefense and educating people about precautions and protective measures that need to be taken against the attacks. Biological Attack Biological weapons possess the property of wreaking mass destruction. Although it seems to be different from a chemical attack, there has always been a habit of discussing one in place of the other (Croddy, Armendariz & Hart, 2002). Most attackers may opt to use biological weapons since it is cheaper to produce, a wide range of disease-producing biological agents are easily accessible, the weapons cannot be detected easily,

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