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binge drinking, thereby leading to a lack of sleep. Moreover, the insomniac inclinations were also as a result of excessive daytime sleepiness owing to the apparent lack of sufficient sleep during the night. Conclusion Summarily, the sleep deprivation aspects do more in the way impacting the overall well-being of students. Also, the sleep deprivation concepts derive some negative influences to the general educational attributes. Thus far, favorable studies have transpired to dispel the ideological concerns about the establishment of credibility of the findings belonging to sleep-related disorder causality effects. Reference Calkins, A. W., Hearon, B. A., Capozzoli, M. C., & Otto, M. W. (2013)....

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binge drinking and abuse of drugs can lead to poor health (Umberson & Montez, 2010). The social relationship that supports healthy behavior, for instance, the performance of physical exercises contributes to good health. In this context, health can be defined from the social relationships point of view. How do others look at you? People look at nurses as life savers and indeed they are since they selflessly work to promote the health of patients from the emergency department to inpatient and conduct follow-up to ensure patients enjoy good health. Although this dedication to serving the patient is entrenched in the ethics and code of conduct guiding healthcare provision, it solely depends on a...

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binge drinking and it if left unchecked that leads to addiction. The treatments for alcohol addiction are aimed at achieving abstinence in the victim. When combined with medications, social support, good healthcare and motivation play a central role in treating alcohol addiction. Treatment achieves varying results, but the majority (about 60%) remain sober one year after they embark on treatment CITATION Car11 l 1033 (Carnes, Carnes, & Bailey, 2011). People who have psychiatric disorders and lack social support encounter relapses moments after undergoing comprehensive treatment. The treatment for alcohol addiction comes in 3 ways namely:- detoxification-an emergency measure meant to rid the...



binge drinking. These factors are coupled with the lack of knowledge regarding oral health. A significant number of adolescents are not aware of the benefits of fluoride despite the various programs that have been initiated to ensure that fluoride can be acquired. The campaign H2FLO seeks to spread awareness to all the young students, working with residential life as well as the Maryland dining program. The advantages of using filtered water stations hall be highlighted. Just like any other effort to inform or persuade a large group of people, the H2FLO campaign required a careful analysis of the target audience features, including the current behaviors, as well as the reasons for their current...



binge drinking. It is difficult to discern whether the writer is a medical professional, or just one speaking from lay experiences. However, the clarity of the presentation cannot be in doubt, and he shows an intricate knowledge on the signs, causes, and the remedies. He mentions the common causes and differentiates with the possible causes of alcohol poisoning. He lists twenty-two symptoms with four underlined, perhaps to stress their ubiquity. He also lists even key causes of a hangover, including congeners. Congeners are chemical that are produced during fermentation and are used in making the tastes people find alluring in liquor. Other causes include sleep quality, dilations of the blood...