Billy Budd

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Name Instructor’s name Literature Date Billy Budd Question One Melville’s novella demonstrates an interaction between the concepts of innocence and knowledge for many different reasons. The author poses a question that touches on the causes of the first sin of Adam and Eve. He asks, “Is it better to be innocent and ignorant, but good and righteous, or is it better to be experienced and knowledgeable?” Therefore, the demonstration by Melville tries to tell us that we are required to balance the concept of innocence and that of knowledge by commissioning decency and virtue in our different societies. The tautness amid Claggart and Billy takes place due to the extortions and occurrences that took place in the British ship, and this sets a later stage for confrontation. Therefore, this makes Billy pursue help from Dansker whom he regarded as a symbol of capability. On the same note, Billy is astonished when he is informed that Claggart is working behind his back since he believed him to be acquitted and credulous. Therefore, the author of the book tries to make us ask whether Billy should regard the counsel of familiarity and knowledge and tell the leader of the ship on the conspiracy or should he keep silent and formulate a way to come up with a solution. Similarly, the demonstration aims at advising us that innocence is better than knowledge and experience in the world since it only exists after death and followed by triumphs. The book depicts on how Billy is branded a traitor and killed. His shipmates had a different view, and they kept a trail of the pole in which he was slung until it befits a “mere dock-yard boom; to them, a chip of it was as a piece of

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