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Name Instructor Course Date Bilingual Education Bilingual education can be defined as a teaching program designed for learners who have limited English proficiency in levels like elementary or secondary school institutions. There has been a conflict between advocates of English-only and individuals supporting bilingual education as they battle over children’s English acquisition (Kim et al. 237). According to articles, there are claims that bilingual language does not work and children do not learn English. In other instances, there are different views from individuals like scholars who support bilingual education as a child development program. Dylan Conger, the author of a journal, Does Bilingual Education Interfere with English-Language Acquisition, inform that a community pressed charges mandating bilingual education be provided to all students. Public schools were required to offer training in two languages if they had at least fifteen students belonging to same language group. In responding to the question on whether the bilingual education interferes with English acquisition, the journal looks at some of the effects induced when teaching students two languages. The research has findings that developing native language can helps construct another the second language. When young people get much exposure to bilingual education at an early stage, they gain a unique academic advantage. For instance, Spanish speaking individuals can learn proficient English when taught in their native language. Bilingual education is sufficient if the programs become well designed with adequate resources like instructors or textbooks written in both native and English

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