Big Data, Analytics

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Big Data, Analytics Student’s Name Institution affiliation “Big data” is an assortment of large and intricate data cliques which are hard to process by the common database administration apparatuses or the outmoded data handling applications. On the other hand, analytics of big data are the methods of inspecting the large data collections so as to disclose concealed configurations, anonymous correspondences, market drifts, client predilections, and other expedient statistics on the sector under analysis (Hussain & Roy, 2016). Health cares have faced the problem of big data as some of them store their patients’ information in traditional relational catalogs so as to enable them in carrying out predictions on readmissions of patients. Large healthcare facilities are faced with the problem of big data due to the number of patient registers and other records that they handle in their daily activities. On the other hand, small heath care facilities handle few patients and few other records in their daily activities. Hence, this type of facilities can apply the traditional methods to carry out analysis of their data. Therefore, this paper shall come up with some other “big data” analyses that can be conducted using predictive analytics or business intelligence techniques. According to Dhar (2014), predictive analytics uses new and past data to forecast future activity, behavior, and trends. The method applies statistical exploration systems, analytical probes, and automated machine learning systems to data cliques so as to generate projective simulations that place a score on the prospect of certain proceedings taking place (Dhar, 2014). Therefore, this

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