Bicarbonate Essay Examples

Bicarbonate buffer system is the predominant buffer system that operates in the blood plasma. In essence, this buffer tries to strike a balance involving bicarbonate ions, carbonic acid and the carbon dioxide that are present in the blood plasma and body tissues. Carbon dioxide produced by the body cells react with water to form a solution of lower pH that contains carbonic acid. This acidic solution is unstable and always dissociate to form hydrogen ions and bicarbonate ions (Varum et. al 2014). The bicarbonate buffer system contains a conjugate base and a weak acid. In this regard, it can neutralize the acidic solution that is present in the body fluid. The bicarbonate buffer system plays a crucial...

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bicarbonate solution. The layers were separated and washed again with 10 ml saturated solution sodium chloride solution. The organic layer was transferred to a 125 ml- Erlenmeyer flask. The organic layer was dried for around 5 minutes over magnesium sulphate. The dried solution was filtered and the weight of the crude product (ester) was noted. The crude extract was subjected to simple distillation for purification. The purified extract was weighed again and the volume of the extract noted after condensation. The weight and volumes of the crude extract were compared at week 1 and week 2. The purified extract was then subjected to Infrared Spectroscopy. Results The theoretical moles of ester...

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