Biblical Worldview Essay

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WAY OF LIFE ACCORDING TO ROMANS CHAPTER 1 – 8 Introduction Since man is religious in nature, it is common that he attempts to find some of the form of meaning that is external to him. In all his relations, whether explicitly or not, man lives his life-affirming the superiority of something else. This object of his that moves his depths with such passion that it enables him to wake up in the morning is His God. For the Christian, God is understood through the scripture. This makes Paul’s letter to the Romans so essential because it explains how a Christian can adhere to that which moves his entire self. The Natural World In chapter one of the Romans, Paul concentrates in demonstrating the predefined status of the world. According to the text, God has created the world in perfect form according to his plan. However, he argues that the natural order is upset by the sins. Since man rejects the will of God and acts according to his whims, the Lord abandons him. A man without God soon succumbs to unnatural desires that further aggravate the incoherence. (1:21) Paul advises therefore that natural order can only be achieved through observance of Gods law. (1:18) In (5:12) he furthers this argument indicating that sin entered the world through one person. This is realistic because if God is the meaning of everything Man does, alienation from Him created despair. The natural order is therefore changed as man attempts to find another source of meaning for his life. In alluding to yielding to unnatural desires, Paul intends to emphasize the fact that only God can fully fulfill the heart of man. Anything else in inconsistent to His desires and therefore satisfies him only

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