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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date Betrayal It is said that the individuals who are very dear to us are the ones that cause us great misery and that the worst kind of betrayal is the one from the loved ones. It is hard to believe that the people you care about could be the first ones to attempt your life. Sadly, this is true. Just like the Biblical Judas who broke bread with Jesus Christ but still gave him up to the Pharisees for thirty coins of silver (Ehrman 21), our close associates could be the same people setting us up. The occurrences of that tragic day are still fresh in my mind as if it were yesterday. 6 pm was the time I left school for home, and as usual, my school bus dropped me by the gate. The evening was silent and peaceful as usual except for the distant chirping of birds, and a fresh breeze that left goose bumps all over my skin. Our homestead was located on the southern end of the Kingsville Estate with only a few houses in the neighbourhood, most of whom the owners were never available most of the time. Even though my dad said that the environment was conducive to my studies, I felt unsafe every time I was dropped by the gate. Dusk was soon taking charge. I walked towards the gate, and to my surprise, it swung open. Usually, it would take me several minutes of knocking before Dwayne could open the gate for me. In fact, Dwayne would always let me hit the gate for several minutes before letting me in. This was unusual, but I dismissed my suspicions upon spotting my dad’s car within the compound. I ran towards the door with excitement and to my astonishment my dad was there lying on the floor, with swollen lips, and blood

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