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Benjamin Franklin charted the Gulf map to help the continents explorers understand how to navigate the strong currents along the coasts of Mexico. He was addressing the question raised by the sailors to why some ship took too long to arrive at their destination than others. He was also addressing the importance of the strong currents that helped the ship kill the huge whales in the ocean. He located the strong currents and how to avoid it. The Challenger expedition was used to describe the long voyage which took three and half years whereby the naval corvette covered a distance of 110840 kilometers. It was unique in that it carried out scientific investigation and discoveries of the oceans of the...

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Benjamin Franklin contains several deliberate fallacies that invalidate Twain’s arguments. First, Twain 's article has traces of Ad Hominen where he unfairly attacks people instead of supporting his contention. An example is when he mentions “will make a Franklin of every father's fool” (Twain, 1983). In this case, he refers to every other person who is not Franklin as a fool. Second, Red Herring is spotted when he “He observed that the bayonet was very well under some circumstances, but that he doubted whether it could be used with accuracy at a long range” (Twain, 1983). In this case, he raises an argument that has no significance to the case and tries to use it to distract the reader...