Benefits of Understanding Diversity Concepts and Research

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There exists no precise description for the term diversity. In fact, its definition varies from one person to another. However, a majority of scholars agree that it is the similarities and differences existing among humans. Gardenswartz and Rowe designed a model famously known as the “Four Layers of Diversity” which include the organizational and external dimensions. The other two segments include the internal and personality aspects. The understanding of diversity is essential in an individual’s home, social and work life. Working in a diversified workplace offers one a platform to learn from other cultures and traditions among other factors that differ from their own. Additionally, one can earn respect from colleagues based on their background and not attempt to ‘fit in’ with the dominant group. One can also be able to cope in a diversified home by understanding the different backgrounds represented in the home and help children accommodate everyone even while at school. In the society level, having enough information concerning various people and their ethnicities and culture can contribute to improving cohabitation and reduce strife. In this era of globalization that has facilitated multiculturalism in nearly all states around the world, one would presume that the theory of diversity has a precise description. Instead, the explanation of diversity varies from an individual to another, a firm to another, and from one scholar to the other. While some believe diversity focuses on religion, disability status, gender, and race, others extend it to body image, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status. It is, therefore, imperative for an individual to

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