Benefits of legalization for marijuana

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name English 101 Date Annotated Bibliography on Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana Pagán Torres, Damaris. A Brief Review Of The Importance Of Marijuana In The Medical Field. 1st ed. 2001. Print. Pagán uses this book to give an overview of the positive side of using marijuana, especially in the treatment process. For instance, the book points out that Marijuana can be used to treat Glaucoma. The treatment that can be derived from the drug is a positive contribution of the drug. This source will help me to find the importance of the drug. Welsh, Jennifer and Kevin Loria. "23 Health Benefits Of Marijuana". Business Insider. N.p., 2014. Web. 17 Nov. 2016. Walsh and Loria use this article to inform about two unique substances in marijuana that are used in for the medical purpose. They are Cannabidiol and Tetrahydrocannabinol which affect the way the brain works. The article goes further to give other more benefits, that can be derived from the drug, which are not only about health. This source will be used to prove the point of argument of the topic. Sabet, Kevin A. "Understanding The Importance Of Heterogeneity When Analyzing Medical Marijuana Laws". Journal of Adolescent Health 55.4 (2014): 592. Web. The article stands clear on the procedures and what should be followed while amending Marijuana Laws. Sabet talks about heterogeneity in adolescence thus analyzing the different impact that the drug causes to the different users. The source will be vital in arguing for the benefits as it will point out the different impact derived from marijuana. Husak, Douglas N. "For Drug Legalization." The Legalization of Drugs. New York:

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