Benchmarking in Human Resources

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Benchmarking in Human Resources Name: Institution: Human Resources (HR) benchmarking is the process of searching for and implementing best practices in human resource management. The concept is to study a better organization and to adopt some concepts to achieve sustained improvement. The initial step of benchmarking involves an audit of the current state of affairs of the HR processes in the organization. This makes it easy to plan for the process and focus on the critical areas. HR benchmarking helps an organization enhance its HR performance since it allows HR managers and employees to have a broader perspective and think out of the box regarding obstacles they face. Additionally, benchmarking offers insights on how other companies excelled in managing employees. It is also a good way of determining the efficiency of the current HR plan, hence plan for any required adjustments. On the flipside, benchmarking if not used properly may have short-lived benefits, needless mention the loss of time and money invested. This is likely to happen when organizations emulate others instead of enhancing their performance. In this respect, Zhang & Fan (2009) argue that the information sought after should be analyzed critically as opposed to applying raw information. In other words, benchmarking is not just about copying. Having said this, when selecting an organization for benchmarking it is recommended to select organizations that are closely related to your organization with regards to size, business environment, and industry. It is also critical to analyze the performance indices and prizes won by the selected companies. Moreover, benchmarking comparison information can

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