Benchmark- instruction unit plan

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Reflection on the Lesson Plan Name Tutor Course Date Reflection on the Lesson Plan Education is one of the top vital factors that enable a country to develop. In addition, the education should be provided to students in an efficient manner to exploit the full potential of all people involved. The teachers have to come up with elaborate plans to enable them to achieve their objectives. To fulfill this requirement, a COE lesson plan should be created considering all the prerequisites in the education sector. In the preparation of my five lessons, several steps were followed in order to come up with the best plan to achieve my goals. In the plan, it was essential to lay out the objectives that I intended to achieve at the end of each class. The objectives must be clear in order to enable the teacher and students understand the reason why the lesson is taught (Baecher, Farnsworth & Ediger, 2014). The teacher has to be clear on what he expects the students to learn at the end of the session. Secondly, the necessary materials to use during the lesson must be identified and acquired. Most lessons require materials such as books, pens, Videos, cameras, and computers. For instance, a photography lesson would not be taught satisfactorily if the students failed to use a camera. In addition, the plan should include the exact time through which the activity takes place. In some classes that have various activities performed, time allocation for each activity is necessary. Teaching requires the students to undergo an assessment in order to ascertain whether they understand the concept being taught. Through this process, the teacher identifies the students who fail to

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