Being Not

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Being Not by Sara Ahmed Name: Class: Date: Being Not Sarah Ahmed’s article focuses on the racial differences and views society have against the non-white communities. In this article, She narrates the psychological and emotional oppressions the black people and other non-white communities go through because of the stereotypes that exist in our society. To understand Ahmed's views and feelings on these racial differences, this paper will explain some of the key terms she uses to explain herself in the article. First, she uses the phrase “a body that loses its chair…" to refer to the fact that the other communities other than the white communities have lost their place in the society. The white community has taken over the high ranks in the society, and the non-whites are being treated as second-class citizens who are a danger to the existence of humanity. As Ahmed and Elaine put it, their existence in the society has now become a danger to the white community. Secondly, the phrase "For the black man, the consciousness of the body is third person consciousness" explains the experiences that the black man goes through. They feel their place in the society has been negated and are no longer an important part of the society. This pressure of not being important limits their ability to achieve their desires. Thirdly, the phrase “white people are universal” means that it is only the white people’s existence that matters in the society. Their opinions and feelings matter more than those of the black and other non-white communities. As such, their thoughts and views have dominated the society. Fourth, the phrase “If a classical phenomenology is

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