Beast of No nation By Uzodinma iweala

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Student’s name Instructor Course name Date Beast of No Nation Analysis Uzodinma Iweala's story, Beast of No Nation, focuses on the child character Agu, who was forced into becoming a child soldier by the rebel soldiers. The narrator, Agu was one of the victims of the war in an unknown country in Africa. Strika is the character who discovers Agu. Strika is younger than Agu and is traumatized after his family was slaughtered. Agu and Strika became great friends after the former agreed to join the army. The army "Commandant" was tough on the soldiers, and Agu feared him as well. In the story, Agu described his journey into becoming a soldier He also shares his experiences after he first killed a man. Iweala focused on the inner moral struggle of the main narrator, Agu. Therefore, the analysis will focus on attempts by Agu to keep his humanity and the possibility to redeem himself. The author reveals morality ambiguity, whereby even as Agu kills people that should make morally wrong, Iweala makes the readers empathize with him by revealing that inwardly there is hope for Agu to become a better person. She makes the readers feel that Agu had no option but to obey the orders given by the Commandant, his superior, as is the norm in a military society. Secondly, Iweala makes the readers empathize with Agu as she brings out a scenario whereby he has to get involved in such activities to survive. Iweala uses distinctive language that describes a child’s perspective exposes Agu’s fears. He describes his first encounter with the soldiers saying, “…I am floating on top of my body and just watching.” He continues to say, “I am hearing people speaking, but it

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