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Name: Professor: Course: Date: What to the Negro is Fourth of July This is the day that reminds the African Americans that they had to bear with the whites. They were taken so lightly all the while until this time; it was a time that they got to experience so much pain in their lifetime (Douglass, 359-388). They had decided that enough was enough and that despite any pain that would come with the same, they were more than ready to go through the awful situation just to have a permanent solution. For a very long time, the Negro’s had been maltreated in the United States and this was already a time that they felt that it was well ripe to send a message to show that they were so tired of the mistreatment and that indeed they also wanted to be humans and enjoy the same privileges just like everyone else. Although the blacks were happy to have got independence from the oppression by the white Europeans from England, they are yet to experience the freedom they had fought for all those years (Douglass, 359-388). The Black people are still discriminated based on their race, and there is a great shame in celebrating an anniversary while the black people are still constant victims are still facing gross injustice and cruelty. There is no nation in the entire world that is guilty of discrimination against the black people in the United States. Although the act is not talked about, slave trade still exists in the United States and it is being sustained by the American politics and religion. The act of slavery in the modern day America has been nationalized in a more horrible and revolting manner (Douglass, 359-388). The justice system in America is full of corruption,

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