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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Based On Prompt Centuries after mid-1400 left many Africans becoming America. As a result, the composition of American societies changed, now comprising of African-Americans, Europeans, and the White-Americans (Spielberg). Africans became Americans through enslavement, as it led them to abandoned of their ways of life. Another way Africans became Americans is through legislation. In about mid-1800, slavery was discouraged, and most of the Africans were registered as free men with American citizenship. For example, the Spanish authority was the first to record blacks as American citizens (Lect 5 Pt 1 Trauma Enslavement"). Also, Africans became Americans through the cross-pollination of culture caused by slavery leading to a breed of multicultured societies. This is the transfer of cultural aspects of a community such as art, music, religion, and values to other foreign communities. It occurred in the ways Europeans converted their captive into Christians. According to Lecture 5 African Americans, Pt 2One "Africans converted into Christianity for comfort and fulfillment of promises" (15:35). In return, Africans spread their medicine, songs, ornaments, food, and arts to their masters and American societies they were sold ("Lect 5 Pt 1 Trauma Enslavement"). One example of a historical agent of cultural cross-pollination between Europeans, Africans, and Americans was Olaudah Equiano ("Lecture 5 African Americans Pt 2") who was a writer, interpreter and learned many languages quick including those of the master and this separated him from other slaves into a free man. According to Lecture notes (p.77), “he married a

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