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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date Prompt Changes in the environmental conditions may have prompted Siberians to move out from their original lands in the modern day America. Furthermore, the original American settlers are believed to have been nomads who are always on the move. An increase in population in their original lands may have led to overhunting which in the long run led to the depletion of their only source of food (“Hist Prof”). They had to move to other lands which were unexplored and probably greener. Typical examples include the Hohokam and Anasazi societies who were the original settlers of North America even before the Europeans arrived in America (Nash et al. 8). Another example is the Aztec people who are considered the original inhabitants of present-day Mexico (Nash et al. 7). Over time, the Aztec community managed to develop Mexico into an industrialized and fully developed city. The same applies to the Ancient African societies such as the Ghana, Mali, Congo, and Songhai empires, who were also nomads moving from one place to another in search of greener pastures for their animals and new hunting grounds (Nash et al. 18). As the population continued to increase, humankind found the need to find alternative means of bringing food to the table. While others went hunting and gather, others ventured into fishing, and soon the hunters and the gatherers became farmers after settling. Trading sprung, and merchants were ready to propel regional trade with the primary form of exchange being barter trade (“Hist Prof”). Having traveled to Africa for my vacation, I could not fail the cultural diversity of the inhabitants.

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