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Name of Student Name of Instructor Course Code Date of Submission Based on Prompt: Slave Trade in the Atlantic Ocean The European countries which participated in Atlantic Ocean slave trade include the France, England, and Spain. Slave trade was the main economic activity during that time. Slaves were sold to Europeans and ferried across the Atlantic Ocean to America. The author of the video entitled “the trauma of enslavement” lecture five states that the slaves were used as laborers in the American sugar plantations (Elaudah Equiano). The numbers increased, from about 4,000 in 1708 to 90,000 by 1960. The author states that “As late as 1671, when some slaves 30,000 slaves toile in the English Barbados, fewer than 3,000 served in Virginia” (Linebaugh, pg 76). African leaders were middlemen in the slave trade. The middlemen used to capture the Africans and sell them to Europeans. The middlemen were armed with guns provided by European traders. The middlemen were rewarded precious gifts such as gold by the Europeans. Slavery in the modern society is still practiced in various ways. The Africans adopted the European culture after decolonization. The American People Custom Edition from Contra College states that “In these aspects of daily life, slaves in the Americans drew their Africans heritage to shape their existence to some degree thus laying foundation for an African American culture” (Bonomi, pg 110). This shows that after slave trade ended the Africans became victims of erosion of culture. Africans used to worship in the shrines before colonization. Specific people were selected to worship on behalf of the society (Linebaugh, 67). The

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