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Criminal Justice Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Date AbstractResidential treatments are forms of drug rehabilitation programs that maintain a long-term recovery for drug addicts. Residential centers employ multidisciplinary approaches to assist victims in recovering from addiction. Both Mega City One Therapeutic Community (MCOTC) and Mega City One Prison Therapeutic Community (MCOPTC) are long-term residential drug treatment programs that offer counseling, cognitive behavior therapy, management of withdrawal medically supported detox, education, vocational programs, mental treatment and other elements that help individuals recover from addiction. The initial research conducted on the MCOTC by the Honorable Joseph Dredd could have provided results that are far from the truth about the effectiveness of community-based drug treatment because of failure to meet all the ethical standards of a drug research. As such, Judge Dredd requests another research to be conducted on the MCOPTC for comparison with the earlier research to determine the extent of drug reduction amongst participants who complete treatment in the two treatment settings. This short proposal, therefore, highlights the research design based on ethical principles that will be used in carrying out the actual research. Research Design Introduction Ethical practices in medical researches play a significant role in deciding the accuracy of results. Researches that involve human subjects require a formal informed consent from all participants for justification of the research (Zhai, 2015). Participation in a drug research should be a voluntary act and participants must be allowed to ask

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