Baseball in 1900’s

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Baseball in 1900’s Student’s Name Student ID Professor’s Name Course Title Date of Submission  Annotated bibliography Clark, M., & Mullen, P. (1990). Black Involvement in the Early Years of Professional Baseball. In Cooperstown Symposium on Baseball and the American Culture (Vol. 2, pp. 375-385). Meckler. The article by Clark & Mullen has demonstrated the involvement of the Black in baseball. The author has proved a well-researched paper on how different races and especially the black contributed to the success of the professional baseball playing. The authors have highlighted on the impoverished nature of the black baseball teams in the history and how the black baseball was different from city to another an issue that was mostly contributed by the financial status from decade to decade. The article has also shown the changing patterns of the social classes and the partial stratification that have been evolving throughout the history of baseball. The article is of great significance to the research regarding the history of baseball because it has demonstrated the cultural influence of the baseball in the American history. The source is reliable because the information is well supported with evidence on how these changes have been happening. The source is very helpful in getting to know the overview of the role that race has played in the baseball profession throughout the history. Gluck, H. (1975). Baseball's great moments. New York: Random House. Baseball is a game that had taken a long journey for it to mature as it is present. According to Gluck is that baseball had many fans during

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