barn burning by William Faulkner

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The Theme of Justice in William Faulkner’s Barn Burning Student’s name Institutional Affiliation Date The central theme in the William Faulkner’s short story “Barn Burning” is the justice. The Snopes family fends its livelihood from working for others. Abner Snopes tries to be independent; he considers working for other men as an injustice done to him. We question the kind of justice that Mr. Abner Snopes is fighting for. Abner is defiant to rules and regulations of others since he considers them as injustices which deny him his freedom and independence. Abner at times appeals to the court to find justice and at the same time refuses to play along with the court rules if he feels unsatisfied with the ruling. Abner’s son Sarty tries to understand what justice is by looking into the life of his father and other people around him including the court. Sarty has appeared in court several times to either defend his father or be a witness for his father, an experience that has made him try to understand justice at a very young age of ten (Faulkner, Starring & Diane 1979). In some instances, Abner has sued people in the court of law to find justice, and he has also been sued, if the judgment fails to favor him, Abner disregards court instruction and tries to punish the people whom he feels has offended him to find justice. Sarty understands justice much better than his father and brother. Sarty has learned that the verdict may look unfair, but due to its independence, it functions well and with a reasonable logic to attain justice. As Abner continues to break the laws and justifies himself, Sarty tries to understand justice and is confused on whether to

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