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Name Institution Date Gender Performance Barbie Culture as explained by Rogers portrays Barbie’s feminist role in the society as intriguing. At their teenage years, young adults’ females start to question their female credibility starting to enhance their attractiveness and draw attention from boys. According to Rodgers, the pressure felt by female teenagers to prioritize dating boys and increasingly focus on their body figure, hair styles, and fashion style. Barbie embodies all these gender significances highlighted on the focus of female teenagers (Rogers, p.g. 128). Barbie doll even exaggerates this feminine aspect by costumes depicting Barbie in places like the shopping mall, aerobics class, and school dance. Rogers finds the Irony when Barbie is depicted to find a way out of the uncertain outcome of these activities. Barbie has no invested commitment in her relationship with Ken, who on the contrary does not dominate her attention a bringing attention to a rather confusing situation. Barbie displays a level of independence that is not common among the general principles on mainstream femininity. The idea that she is single with no child puts her in an abnormal expression of femininity. The fact that does neither a husband nor a child exposes Barbie to conflicting, multiple interpretations. Leaving Barbie open to these conflicting opinions enlarge her range of consumption by lovers of Barbie (Rogers, p.g. 128). Rogers views Barbie’s open field of meaning cannot even justify Barbie’s sexual orientation questioning whether Barbie is heterosexual or if she is even a woman. According to Rogers, Barbie can as well be a drag queen. She may be the image drag

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