Banning of assault rifles/guns

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Arguments for and Against Banning Assault Rifles in Illinois Student’s Name Institution Introduction Gun control in America has been a subject of debate for long. Introduction of a house bill (HB) 4107 in Illinois General Assembly by representative Martin J. Moylan on Oct. 5, 2017, is one attempt to control firearms in America. This was in the wake of tragic Las Vegas shooting in the night of Oct- 1-2017 whereby a gunman opened fire killing 58 and injuring 851 Americans. In the shooting, 64-year old Stephen Paddock fired more than 1100 rounds from his suite. Gun laws in the US are enshrined in some statutes. Whether these controls work, is subject to debate. There are those who support (HB) 4107 while gun activists oppose more regulations than others. Gun Control Supporters This group advocate for strict enforcement of gun controls. They support additional control bills like the (HB) 4107 of Illinois. They argue that broad and unrestricted gun rights hinder the government from enforcing gun controls. They portend that keeping guns from being accessed by criminals would improve the security status in Illinois and America as a whole. Those in support of the bill view assault rifles as a threat to peace and safety of Americans. They describe the role of providing security to be the duty of the government, and thus, one does not need an assault rifle for self-protection. They believe that there are better ways to defend one. To them, the more laws that exist against gun ownership leads to lesser crimes. For instance, in Hawaii, there are 16 laws against guns. There, there are less than 3 per 100,000 gun death a year (Kleck, 1993). This school of thought view

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