Ban on cell phone use by drivers

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Ban on Cell Phone Use by Drivers Cell phones have become a major component of people’s daily lives all over the world. People use cell phones almost everywhere; in their bedrooms, sitting rooms, toilet, while walking and traveling and controversially while driving. The primary reason for mobile phones’ immense popularity is that they have entirely revolutionized communication. Unlike before their invention, it is now possible to reach your desired person within seconds and communicate to them whatever that you have in store for them as well as forward valuable information. The use of cell phone during driving has however led to a big debate with many arguing that it should altogether be banned. Proponents of this suggestion have argued that use of cell phones by drivers leads to collisions and accidents as the driver is usually distracted while critics of the proposal have cited the above benefits. But should it be banned? Research shows that cell phone using during driving distracts the attention of the driver thereby increasing collision risks. Cell phone use while driving is most prevalent among teenagers but this does not mean that those in other age groups are not notorious for this behavior; they are also equally irresponsible. The main excuse that many people for this behavior is that they are usually bored especially in traffic jams and red lights and therefore take a look at their phones to freshen their minds and spirit by seeing what their friends are saying on social media. Others look at funny images and videos on Whatsapp and other sites. The danger involved here is that one may be too engrossed in

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