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Name Professor Institution Date Ways of delivering bad news in a sensitive manner While delivering bad news in a profound way, one has to gather enough information beforehand to avoid missing at any point. The speaker collects all facts before they begin to speak to have enough knowledge of what they are to say and why they are saying it. Communicate the message in an assertive way being empathetic. Empathy helps the speaker to realize what the audience will feel after the bad news. The speaker prepares to negotiate through having time to ask questions and reach a situation where each party benefits. An appropriate communication is important verbally and nonverbally. Avoiding jargon and maintaining eye contact ensures that the message is received with clarity. The speaker must avoid confrontational language. Good communication helps to stay calm and maintain focus as well as listen to the audience (Hanlon 2). AIDA strategy describing a negative situation in your work environment and its handling A problem of low sales emerged in the Company, which was solved using the AIDA strategy. According to Hanlon (1), A stands for ‘Attention'. The sales representatives identified ways of getting the attention of the consumers through packaging the products attractively on the shelves. The company offered money to advertise products on billboards and televisions. I represent ‘Interest'. The salespersons asked customers what they desire having and in what form. That way the company held the attention of the customers and offered better products. D stands for ‘Desire' that comes depending on the urgency of the situation. The sales department printed words such as

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