Bad choices

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Name Instructor Course Date Consequences of Bad Choices In “Greasy Lake,” “So Much Water So Close To Home,” and “Dimension” Short Stories Daily people are forced to make choices concerning different things or issues in their life. The decision or action a person makes in their life determines the consequences they receive eventually. If a person is responsible and makes the right choice, the outcome would be lead to better results. However, if a person is irresponsible or unknowingly makes a wrong choice, the outcome would lead to severe consequences. In the “Greasy Lake,” “So Much Water So Close To Home,” and “Dimension” short stories, some of the characters made wrong choices, which resulted in severe consequences that caused them to either regret, be ashamed or be heartbroken. For example, in “Greasy Lake,” the narrator and his two friends spent the whole day drinking until around 2:00 a.m. when the bars were closing. Since they did not want to go to the friend of Jeff’s sister party, which was a better choice. They made a wrong decision, and decided to go to Greasy Lake. “we ‘d cruised the strip sixty-seven times, been in and out of every bar and club debated going to a party at the house of a girl Jeff’s sister knew” (Boyle 3). The irresponsible choice the boys made to drink during the day affected the actions and choices they made. The effects of alcohol mislead their judgment that caused them to believe they had seen Tony Lovett’s vehicle. Also, alcohol might have affected the narrator’s alertness, which caused him to drop the car keys in the dark. Similarly, in “So Much Water So Close To Home” Stuart and

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