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Name: Instructor: Course Title: Date: Admission Essay One of the most challenging things is failing to build social interactions and associations as a result of disability. Looking different from the mainstream society, often in a negative way or through failure of speech, sight, knowledge, and other senses incapacitates one’s confidence and gradually kills the power to interact. My story is a similar incidence where speech impairment made it hard to develop confidence and was an intuitive struggle throughout low and middle school. It was around 4th grade when my mathematics instructor recommended I undertake speech therapy in effort to build strong communication and interaction skills. The advice from the teacher came after the realization that I was suffering from severe stuttering characterized by disfluency, syllable and sound repetitions, blocks, prolongations, and physical tension. The speech impairment of stuttering gave rise to secondary conditions like frustration, negative reaction(s), it reduced verbal output, and influenced situational avoidances. Other behavioral tendencies pushed by stuttering included facial grimacing, continuous eye blinks, and unnecessary transitions in sound and pitch. At the very beginning I did not acknowledge stuttering and thought I was similar to fellow students. It however came a point where fellow students in fourth and fifth grades showed negative responses whenever I spoke and viewed me as a physically and emotionally incapacitated student. I must admit that after communicating with my mother about the speech impairment, she partly linked it to either the death of my father the previous year, and due to bilingualism

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