Aztec and Inca Societies

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1. The Moctezuma’s laws present the Aztecs as having social and moral values touching on discrimination and segregation among the classes of the people. For example, it is only the king and prime minister allowed wearing sandals within the palace. The king is the only one to wear mantles of cotton as well as labrets and ear plugs. It is offensive for commoners to wear ear plugs. Such laws denote tactics of instilling fear to the ordinary persons so that there is a huge gap between the ordinary individuals and the rulers both physically and emotionally. 2. The Aztec could get the description of a community which is living in ignorance. There is tolerance of exploitation and awkward religions of sacrificing fellow human beings. There is the lack of the right guidance in activities such as trade where there is a naïve association of such activities with religion. The distinct social groups in the document include the leaders, the middle class who would be appointed to punish wrongdoers, and the have-nots who would include the widows and the poverty stricken. The distinction of the class is the ability to give out instructions and the work each could perform. The opportunity for social mobility was hard work and loyalty to the rulers, especially in killing, taking prisoners and destroying armies. People might fall into slavery through evils such as stealing of items like pieces of clothes or ears of corn. Such a person would get sold as a slave for the equivalent amount of the goods he stole. A gambler who lost all is possessions on the dice, or any other game would become a slave. 3. Human sacrifice related to the war in that; those who got sacrificed were the prisoners

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