Avoiding Plagiarism

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Avoiding Plagiarism Student’s Name Institution Avoiding Plagiarism The text "Avoiding Plagiarism" provides essential information about plagiarism. The document majorly uses conversation to explain aspects of plagiarism. The use of dialogue in the paper is critical because a disturbed student can directly relate to it by putting him/herself in the conversation. The text focuses on explaining the consequences of plagiarism in the American culture. Some of the contents that the document touches on include definition of plagiarism; different types of plagiarism; consequences of plagiarism; ways of avoiding plagiarism and other relevant information as well. In a conversation between a student and possibly a woman working within the school administration, the latter helps to define plagiarism to the student. The student (Natalie Sanchez) complains of unfair treatment from the tutor who she claims denied her full marks for her work. Bailey Smith uses Turnitin to help the student understand that she had plagiarized the paper. It means that part of the student's writing was not original. She might have used information from a source without citing the author correctly or entirely. Therefore, from the conversation, Smith has defined plagiarism as the act of taking someone else's idea and failing to recognize them or cite incorrectly. The text also covered different actions that can amount to plagiarism. Some of these actions include submitting a fellow student's writing; offering payment for one's paper to be done on his/her behalf; providing an article that an individual had used in another class; copying phrases from other sources also known as patchwriting. Other

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