Avoid Idealists

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Abstract This essay discusses idealism in the book How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia. It is developed in the fact that idealism only gets in the way of making money and that everyone should avoid ideals and idealists. Further, the essay gives vivid examples from the story told by the author in Chapter four; "Avoid Idealists." It highlights the dangers of ideals and idealism in the life of the protagonist and his family. His protagonist remains in an abstract world as he works for an idealistic organization. The father is also held captive by the ideal he holds that for a man to prosper: he must have an advanced in education and also be a part of rampant nepotism. The essay relays an important lesson activated by the death of the protagonist's mother. The protagonist resolves to change which means that Idealism can be kicked out, but his father is sucked in too deep in ideals that he cannot come out. Ideals are far-fetched. They do not amount to anything substantial as they involve living in an abstract world where no reality exists. Idealism promotes naivety, impracticality and keeps people out of touch with the world that surrounds them. They tend to believe that they have the power to change the world and mold it according to their expectations and beliefs. However, ideals are not the life principles you should follow. In chapter four of the book How to get filthy rich in Rising Asia, Mohsin Hamid writes against idealism. In the light of the book, this essay argues that idealism only gets in the way of making money and that you should avoid ideals and idealists. The opening of the chapter particularly summarizes the dangers of ideals. Hamid states that ideals are

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