Avicenna – God & Metaphysics

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Avicenna’s Conception God and Metaphysics Student’s Name: Institutional Affiliation: Avicenna’s Conception God and Metaphysics Avicenna considers metaphysics a philosophical science. It is a logically proven science that allows the mind of a human being to attain an accurate conception of the world’s interior structure, therefore, providing an explanation behind every actual being. The Neo-platonic concepts are the foundation of Avicenna’s ideologies that cause him to rely on the fact that metaphysics encompasses cosmology, theology, and angelology (Bertolacci, 2007). Metaphysics endorses the tenets of science that examines the states of certain substances in nature and those in subordinate positions. Because metaphysics comprehends realism and deals with qua being, it is considered the leading science. This paper examines the Avicenna’s concepts on the connection between God and metaphysics that is; the knowledge human beings have concerning God and that of the world perception. The main concepts of Avicenna’s effort involved the explanation of God’s existence and the world creation (Bertolacci, 2007). The proof provided in the process is founded on his reliance on reason and not just mere observations made on how the world changes. As of his evidence from contingency, Avicenna acknowledges the actuality of a self-existing being is God. The existence of an entity can be either “only possible” or “in itself.” Supposing that the body occurs independently of other causes and beings, it becomes exceptional and without multiplicity. If the creation of the humans were hypothetical, further evidence would be required to intricate why it was believed

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