Aviation Safety

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The industry of aviation has had tremendous developments over the past years. Consequently, statistics purport that accident rates reduced significantly which is an indication of great improvements. The paper is based on two journal articles which includes “ICAO training report volume 6” and “The ICAO Journal volume 71.” ICAO studies rates of accidents regarding schedules of commercial operations. ICAO uses the primary indicator accepted globally by air transport firms. Aircraft accidents category are based on MTOW (maximum take-off weight) of over 2250 Kilograms. ICAO (2013), reports that in 2012, African-Indian Ocean recorded the highest accident rates. ICAO works with organizations and various states to develop plans that are meant to increase security in flight industries. According to Safety program Report of 2015, Aviation firms have achieved excellent safety records. The records show that less than four accidents are reported for every one million departures across the entire globe. This paper provides a report on Aviation Safety, highlighted factors of accidents in the industry, safety programs, role of stakeholders in providing protection and a reflection on accident trends and rates. Air transport is becoming popular amongst transport industries. People prefer the means of transport because it is fast and efficient. For in 2012 alone about 2.9 billion clients used air conveyor. According to ICAO 2013, the figure is a 5.5% increase for commercial passenger’s flights when compared to 2011 records. However, the safety of the transport of airplanes has been a concern. Aviation industry has employed technologies, which consist of complex systems to

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