Aviation Emergency Preparedness

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Aviation Emergency Preparedness Student’s Name Institution Affiliation An emergency preparedness in aviation concern majorly aircraft accidents. Emergency preparedness is an aspect of decision-making methods that airline managers apply in diverse ways. Contingency planning entails maintenance of aircraft, fueling services, ground handling, airside services and traffic control. Safety mechanisms vary in different airports depending on many factors and among them is size. Though there are similar methods and procedures employed by airlines in the world, the proceedings are still subjects of different management protocol. In preparation for all sorts of emergencies in the airports, most airlines provide emergency response and rescue training to all the concerned staff in their areas of concern. The responsibility of training aviation firefighting is in the airport administration. The level of training depends on aviation environmental complexity, available equipment, and available agents for fire extinguishing. Studies on various airport preparedness show that emergency responders in the airports have the ability to control accidents involving external fuel fires effectively since the airport have all the firefighting equipment required (Eastman, 2003). Most aircraft accidents occur either during the departure or towards the final approach just close to the airport premises or on its premises. With the consideration, I mind first responders are usually airport employees. Therefore, the administration provides responders with protective gears and devices to prevent contact with unburned aircraft fuel. Part of safety precautions entails alerting responders on the

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