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AUTISM Employing the DSM- v criteria could provide an answer to what is wrong with Tommy. Tommy has difficulties in engaging in social communications, does not cuddle, is a loner and has limited initiation to social interactions and limited social overtures from siblings and friends. Echolalia, parroting of what others say to him, and the inability to initiate speech or his language, could imply that Tommy has autism spectrum disorder. The other information that one could seek from Tommy's mom is to know whether Tommy responds to his name if he makes eye contact or looks at people, if he smiles to people. In behavioral development, the telltale signs of the disorder include the following; repetitive movements, obsessions, fixed on certain rituals and routines, and self-mutilation. The child is about to join preschool and exhibits certain unique indicators of autism that has been noticed by his mother. The mother must be informed that development in children is unique and not all children reach the same milestones at the same pace. Preschool children are inherently becoming social human beings, and they make friends, enjoy conversations with adults, and enjoy taking the center stage in everything (Mangal, 2007). Tom who might be suffering from autism might not do any of such things, as it affects Tommy’s social, behavioral and communication development. According to Carson (2015), Asperger syndrome is a mild form of Autism spectrum disorder, one that might be exhibited by Tommy. A comprehensive assessment of Tommy should be the first thing on her mind. The family of a child with is presented with numerous challenges in their endeavor to build a good relationship with

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