Autism Spectrum Disorders: Article Review

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Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that has for a long time been a challenge to the whole medical fraternity and families. The major challenge has been to find or identify interventions that are most effective and appropriate for the management and treatment of the disorder (Simpson, 2005). The professionals and families have not only focused on the interventions that will help in treating the disorder, but also those that will make better the lives and health of people with this disorder. However, finding the most appropriate and effective interventions has been a problem for both the professionals and the families. This is due to the constraints in the financial resources, geographical locations and lack of support from the relevant organizations (Lindgren & Doobay, 2011). As such, the field has come up with many interventions that cannot be supported by scientific research. Despite the few evidence-based intervention mechanisms, identifying or knowing which intervention is the most effective among the many non-evidenced interventions has been a problem for the whole medical field. For this reason, this paper seeks to review four types of interventions that are in line and have been assessed in accordance with scientific quality accepted standards. For the purposes of explaining and analyzing the efficacy of these interventions, the paper shall review certain research articles that have focused on proving the efficacy of the four interventions and discuss the results and findings of each of these articles to ascertain the effectiveness of the four interventions and if the available scientific evidence that supports their effectiveness is valid and

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