Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Autism Spectrum Disorder The first article studies three children to determine the effect of social stories on the prosocial behaviour of preschool children with ASD. The education of children who have this disorder poses a great challenge especially to the special teachers who need to understand them and make them able to positively socialize and appropriately with others. The social stories must maintain validity while at the same time the teachers are required to constantly intervene during the observation of the children behaviours. Thomas, Daniel, and James have the disorder and are constantly observed basing on their characters when with other children (Crozier & Tincani, 2006). The target behaviour for the students is observed where the necessary intervention is done through observation by the special teachers. Thomas sits appropriately in the first ten minutes of the circle which is different from the rest of the children who sit on the edge. Daniele on the other and did not talk to others during class time but engaged more with staff had cut short his conversations with his peers. James does not to play appropriately in the block centre where he does not actively engage in sharing of materials and at times walks out of the block centres. The use of the social setting helps the children especially the three with ASD to engage in appropriate behavior where James receives positive attention from the teacher, and the children are helped to acquire positive and appropriate behaviour through teacher intervention. This is an effective way of ensuring and helping those with ASD to socialize with the rest of the children and at the same time can learn to

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