Author Sean Murphy, Shelton is generally committed to a stronger role of International law and some sort of global governance , so we wonder whether she is explaining or advocating , or a mix of both?

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International Law Name Institutional affiliation Date Shelton presents a stronger commitment to international laws by submitting a case supporting the application and the positive impact resulting directly from the same. The rationale behind the international law as expressed emanates from the possibilities that stem from the successful application of such laws in modern day society. Shelton opinion primarily advocates for the broad applications to cater to the need for accountability on the international platform. The subsequent form of global governance system she advocates for could serve as an extra means for the implementation of the international law by providing the right platform (Murphy, 2012). Ideally, each country has its set of rules that govern its internal affairs as well as the kind of international relationship it forges with its neighbors. However, the world stage cuts a forlorn figure regarding global governance as no single rules exist that comprehensively binds the international community. Consequently, the views expressed by Shelton are just suppositions for the need for international rules and regulations by highlighting the impact it could create. She compounds her point further through juxtaposing the absence of international laws and regulations and the continued presence. From her perspective, the benefits of adopting global governance outweigh the disadvantages created by the situations emanating from a lack of the said international laws. In hindsight, her opinions are closer to advocacy and activism or international law instead of a haphazard attempt that involves just some form of governance on the international front. Adopting some

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