Augustine Confessions

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Augustine was born by a Catholic mother Monica and Patritius a non-believer as his father in Thagaste, current Algeria, in the year 354 AD. Augustine started as a priest and later became a bishop serving in Hippo (Young 13). His rise in the Lord's service was not that easy because Augustine faced a lot of obstacles, but with his overcoming spirit, he was able to triumph. This victory earned him the recognition of being considered among prominent founders of the Catholic denomination. Factors that hindered Augustine from changing his life Inner conflict that Augustine suffered during his teenage age made him experience difficulties in giving his life to Christ. In his Confessions, we are told that he arrived in Rome in the year 383 AD. During his stay, he became sick and only depended on assistance from his Manichean friends who were in a sect that believed in astrology, which was contrary to Christianity. His emotional and economic attachment to Manichean friends made it difficult for him to receive baptism, even when he was close to death. It is something that was contrary to his childhood experience (Ferrarri 71). Manicheans had contributed a lot to his career advancement, and Augustine rose to be a rhetoric professor in the Millan city, also known as imperial court city; this happened after Symmachus, a Manichean recommended him. With his career, Augustine comfortably supported his family, though he was a skeptic with Manichean doctrines. During his scholarship period in Carthage, Augustine met a bad company that influenced his behavior and morals. Her mother, who clearly understood his weakness of being easily swayed, decided to follow him to Rome justified since no

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