Atticus Character in “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

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Atticus Character in "To Kill a Mockingbird." Atticus in "To Kill a Mocking Bird" is a morally upright lawyer, a loving father, and a good citizen. Despite the tremendous opposition and struggles that Atticus has to face, his actions, outlook and views reveal a compassionate, courageous and reasonable person with high morals and principles. It is due to these high morals and principles that he is greatly admired and respected in the town. Atticus can be regarded as a reasonable and understanding character. According to him, any person deserves to be listened to, and his side of the story considered before condemning them or judging their actions. “You may never understand a person until you take things from his point of view…until you climb into his skin and walk in around it (Lee 30). This principle has enabled him to see things from different perspectives and made him equally a good lawyer as a father. As seen in the story, Atticus tries to get to the cause of any issue before offering a suggestion or advice. It is this kind of approach that has made his children to greatly love him to the extent of regarding him as the father of the year. It has also led to the winning of many cases in court. When Atticus tells Scout to read the newspaper with him, she seemed upset and lost in thoughts. Her teacher had warned her against being assisted in learning by her father. Atticus followed Scout and sought to know why she was upset. It was then on learning of the teacher’s warning that they came at a compromise with the little girl. He tries to make her see and understand the teacher’s side of view. He then tells her that they would continue reading every night, but she

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