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Attica Maximum Security Prison Candidate’s Name Institution’s Name Introduction The Attica prison is a maximum security jail within the New York State (NYS) in the city of Attica and managed by the Correctional Services Department of NYS. It was built in the 1930s and held several very dangerous convicts (Forman, 2016). It also held other prisoners who were serving their sentences from short-term punishments to life imprisonment. Some of these inmates were taken to Attica due to disciplinary challenges they caused inside other prison facilities. In 1970, it had close to 2,300 prisoners who were allowed just a single bath once a week as well as given one roll of toilet paper every month. They could frequently sleep hungry since the state used only 63 cents for every inmate for the feeding program. Further, the Puerto Rican inmates encountered extraordinary prejudice, and the inmate mail was suppressed. The Blacks within the prison experienced the worst form of discrimination as they were downgraded to the lowest-paying duties as well as ethnically persecuted by the jail officers who were nearly all white men (Forman, 2016). These prison staffs were just the locals merely seeking stable employment. They lacked training on the way to handle prisoners who were always aggressive. Moreover, they were remunerated very poorly with several of them getting second work engagements to sustain themselves. However, despite these conditions, these prison staffs were required to watch over 60-120 inmates simultaneously (Forman, 2016). Deriving power from the human rights campaigns of that period, Attica’s inmates pushed to better their living situations. However, they just

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