Attention Span of College Students

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Attention span of college students Name: Institution Affiliation: Date: Attention span of college students Attention span is the average time in which a person can remain interested in a particular activity. In other words, attention span is the length of time one can spend on a specific activity without being distracted by anything. The ability to maintain focus on a particular task is essential to the achievement of one’s goals and objectives. The length of one’s ability to focus can change during the day and also depends on the task. Whenever one is tired, the capacity to concentrate on a particular activity is shorter. Also, the attention span of a person is also varied when one is disappointed, exhausted or confounded with a task. The attention span is longer for an activity one appreciates and shorter for those they don’t. According to some psychologists the attention span for a typical student is approximately ten minutes long, and yet the duration of most university classes is fifty to ninety minutes (Richardson, 2010). Some factors like enjoyment, time of the day, emotion and motivation may cause the attention of a student to vary hugely. Most of the realities that teachers confront daily are the one that involves the students’ losing attention in class. Some of the students are observed sleeping, texting, gazing at some point instead of concentrating on the teacher, working on some assignments for another class or even nodding off. A study was conducted in three different chemistry courses to determine the attention span of students. The students were given clickers which had three buttons to press every time one lapsed in their attention.

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