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disorder that is evidenced in the psychologist’s report, which is attached. Am currently attending College Preparatory High School which am finding quite hard to successfully pursue my academics. I was assessed through the Wechsler Individual assessment test III. The test analyzed my listening, oral reading, essay composition, spelling, math problem-solving and fluency skills. Due to my ADHD disability the psychologist indicated in the report that I have a ‘below average’ total achievement in the composite score summary. Also, as the psychologist indicates in the assessment report, I cannot effectively sustain attention, concentrate, and exert mental control. Moreover, as the assessment...

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder In Howell’s article, the authors conducted a longitudinal study examining the long-term consequences of attention deficit disorder behaviors. Howell, Huessy, and Hassuk (185) use a questionnaire to identify children with signs of ADD. The gathered data indicated that researchers could pinpoint children in elementary school who suffer from attention deficit disorder. The authors devised a Huessy scale to measure symptoms of ADD. The typical signs witnessed included the poor performance in class, poor social adjustment. The researchers conducted another study on adolescents previously diagnosed with the condition. Data collected from interviews indicated that...

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disorder” ADHD – “attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder” – is heterogeneous with respect to the developmental trajectory, cognition, biology and psychosocial context. When children transit to adolescence from childhood, ADHD developmental trajectories deviate. The environment where the child grows, as indexed by guardians convey emotion, can be able to moderate the trajectories. 388 children diagnosed with ADHD and a 127 group as a controls were examined using multimethod diagnostic, multi-informant procedures at up to three times points a year apart in a longitudinal design that is accelerated spanning seven years of age to thirteen. For the avoidance of partiality, a...

disorder (ADHD), diabetes and autism leading to the question are vaccines good or bad? In my opinion, I agree that vaccination has revolutionized healthcare. Despite the minimal undesirable consequences, vaccination has saved lives of many children across the world. The statistical comparison of positive and negative effects reveals even a greater magnitude of positive effects. The minimal instances of adverse reactions towards vaccines by children can be reduced over time. More research effort has been dedicated to creating a better healthcare all over the United States and other parts of the world. Natural infection risk outweighs immunization risk for each vaccine recommended during early...

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) - Living with ADHD - NHS Choices. (2016). Retrieved 2 December 2016, from Bhandari, S. (2016). Behavioral Treatment for ADHD. WebMD. Retrieved 2 December 2016, from Emilsson, B, Baldursson & Young, S. (2011). Cognitive behavior therapy in medication-treated adults with ADHD and persistent Symptoms: A randomized controlled trial. BioMedCentral - Psychiatry. Retrieved 3 December 2016, from...

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