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Name:Instructor’s name: Course: Date: Impact of Social Media on the Society Introduction Social media has become very popular with the growth of technology in the world. Devices that are compatible with the internet like phones, laptops, and watches has led to many people to use the social media. Social network sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook have all come with unique features that have attracted various interests. Social media sites evolved to meet the needs of the users. The growth of social media has created a huge impact in the cultural, social, economic and political sectors in the world. Social/cultural effect of social media Social media has provided a platform that can be used in the mobilization of people for social and political movements. It is the creative use of social media platforms such as Facebook that has promoted communication to a large group of individuals. Facebook has been used as a communication medium that has helped in promoting good social causes. Social media has helped in. Removing communication barriers are hence promoting interaction between people. Interaction of people has brought about the mixture of various cultural practices. (Furedi, n.pag.) Social media sites have promoted online dating. Social media has come up with resources that have made it possible for people to interact with other societies. One of the personal benefits of social media is that it promotes interaction of various people. Social network sites give people a chance to find love. Sites such as Facebook has enabled most couples to meet as people's profiles are shown. Facebook has also enabled people to get into contact with

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