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A SIGNIFICANT PLACE There is this game reserve in Sub-Saharan Africa, located in the Great Rift Valley Province in Kenya known as the Maasai Mara National Reserve. It extends all the way to the Serengeti plains in Tanzania. I find this place to be significant for various reasons. Most notably, is that it’s a home to a variety of wildlife, including, but not limited to, the famed Africa’s ‘Big Five,' the lion, elephant, rhino, buffalo and the leopard. The national park in Kenya is acknowledged internationally for what has often been described as the eighth wonder of the world, which is the Great Migration that takes place annually. During this period, zebras and wildebeests move to the Serengeti in Tanzania and back. The migration is a way of survival for the animals; they move in search of favorable conditions like sufficient pasture and drinking water. Their patterns during the migration are a sight to behold. It is so beautiful to the eye, especially when watched from an aerial view when few zebras always lead the large herd of wildebeests. It makes the Mara best for game viewing, not only because of the white bearded gnus but also regarding the big cats’ family. It is a very exciting natural happening to watch lionesses, leopards and cheetahs spending time with their cubs and imposing their physical will on the medium sized and small herbivores. A pride of lions can also take down an adult buffalo. The presence of these cats near your touring vehicle can be intimidating and thrilling at the same time. It’s an adrenaline filled activity, to say the least, that can offer you the experience of a lifetime. It is also documented that there are over 400

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