Atlantic Slave Trade

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Student`s Name Professor`s Name Course Title Date of Submission Atlantic Slave Trade The Atlantic slave trade crash course video provides a detailed analysis of slave trade during the Transatlantic Trade period. The narrator does a good job describing the evolution of slave trade throughout the world. He starts by providing a general overview of what the Atlantic slave trade entails and goes further to explain the rationality behind slavery. One of the best parts of the video is the use of complementing visual aids to enhance the audience`s experience. Some pictures depict the ways slaves were treated, and they are very graphical. We can see slaves chained together and being tortured which makes the audience visualize the conditions the slaves lived. Additionally, charts and maps dominate the narrative as they give a better understanding of the scope of slavery in Atlantic slave trade. The narrator puts the global map in front showing the map of Africa and America to keep us on the topic. The narrator provides a lively discussion by using laughter and jokes to lighten the mood. Slavery is always a dull topic as it invokes terrible memories and the use of comic relief helps of enjoys the video. He uses tone variation different subtopics. Furthermore, the narrator engages the audience by continually asking questions regarding slavery. The video provides a brief history of slavery by stating that it started in Greek and evolved when the Romans came into power. The Europeans then cemented the idea of slavery, and it became rampant during the Transatlantic trade. The narrator goes further to show that the concept of slavery has been misused nowadays as people

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