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astronomy, and others transmuting the views of people about nature. Nicolaus Copernicus, an elegant astronomer, writer of the revolt of celestial spheres. This print led to the start of the scientific revolution. Johannes Kepler explored to evidence that planets revolved in an excellent circular shape. After keen observation, he discovered that planets revolved in an elliptical figure. Tycho Brahe, a Danish astronomer, known for his accurate records. A very sharp observer, he set many of the time to work and discovered 750 stars and projected their location. However, there were some of the major contributors. Nicolaus Copernicus – the ideal of Heliocentric of the universe. He suggested...

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astronomy, mathematics, and agriculture, and cultivation of cereals and the cursive script’s development. J2d: “Erlitou and the Formation of Chinese Civilization: Toward a New Paradigm” Historians have tried to provide a detailed analysis of how states and ancient civilizations developed. Some civilizations developed from simple agricultural societies to highly complex cultures whose impacted lasted for centuries. One such civilization is the Chinese civilization, which developed through a complex interrelation of some competitive kingdoms. The civilization is one of the greatest cultural hegemonies in the world. However, there has not been any agreement regarding the theory explaining the...