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Asthma Student’s Name Student ID Professor’s Name Course Title Date of Submission 1.Briefly describe asthma in a way that Tony and his mother would understand. What pathophysiology is occurring which makes it difficult for Tony to breathe? Asthma is a condition that causes interference to breathing by making the airways narrow that are leading or within the lungs. The narrowing of the airways restricts the movement oxygen entering the lungs and the oxygen entering the lungs. There are various causes of the condition that results in difficulties in breathing. First, the inflammation of the airway lining causes swelling of the airways making them narrow for adequate amount pf air to pass. Tightening of the muscles that usually wrap around the airways may be another problem that may lead narrowing of the airway. Bronchospasm is muscles that encircle the airway and at times tighten and contract as they overreact to some triggers in the system thus causing difficulties in breathing as a result of their narrowing. The overproduction of mucus in the airways is a factor that may lead to asthma attacks because the mucus tends to block the airways because of overproduction of mucus which at times becomes sticky and dry thus resulting in the obstruction of the airways. In extreme cases, the growth of bacteria in the mucus in the airways may also lead to bronchitis. The twitchiness of airways which also referred to as the bronchial hyperreactivity may result in asthma triggers such as the cold air and exercises resulting to asthmatic attacks (Leigh & Marley, 2013). 2.What are some of the questions that you might ask Tony and his mother, when gathering history,

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