Assistive Technology

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Assistive Technology for Exceptional Children Author Name Institutional Affiliation -60007511430SOCIAL STUDIES LESSON PLAN 0SOCIAL STUDIES LESSON PLAN -590550189230Day/DateChuck of LessonBig Ideas/GoalsTechnologyStrategy 00Day/DateChuck of LessonBig Ideas/GoalsTechnologyStrategy Week of:FebruaryLesson: Civil WarObjective: Division of States (N & S) Monday Hook or BellringerEach student will be assigned a short text covering Racism and Civil War. After that, students will be primed to discuss racial prejudice in the Civil War. Book share/ EasyBib/ NaturalReader Students will use book share to find books, read and get as much information as they can on the topic, civil war and racism. Students will then be allowed 10 to 15 minutes to discuss racial prejudice in the civil war. New Content Students will identify instances of racial tension within the country-even within the Union-and come up with their biggest question. Google/ Quizlet Using Google and other appropriate sources, students will research and identify cases of racial tension within the country. Based on their findings, students will ask their biggest questions for class consideration. Student Activity Students will be able to give specific examples of racism in the Civil War on the Union side and the Confederate side. MindMeister/ Popplet Through student-based teachings and self-assessments, learners will be required to highlight, in the class, key concepts and details of racism in the civil war. Reflection or Exit Ticket Students will research examples of racism existing today. Scribble/EBSCOhost To serve as homework, students will research and write comprehensive reports on examples

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